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Who Are We?

Collins Trucking has always had the motto of “Can’t Never Could”.  That expression handed down through the generation has been a guiding force of the company’s success.  In other words, the only way you can succeed is with a positive can-do attitude, enjoying what you do and always striving to be the best by looking for ways to improve.  We transport goods throughout the Southeast and Midwest utilizing the best people, late model equipment, and a focus on safe reliable service.

Trucking is a service industry, moving goods from point of origin to a destination.  Usually, the product being moved belongs to someone else.  Since we don’t produce a product, trucking companies are graded by their level of service; on-time deliveries, personnel, equipment, and safety.

We at Collins Trucking only want to be associated with the best: drivers, mechanics, dispatchers, office personnel and customers.   What is the definition of best?  Someone who takes pride in what they do, has an enthusiasm for what they do, integrity to always do what is right and wants to surround themselves with like-minded people.

To attract the best people in our industry, Collins Trucking must and does provide the best equipment to get the job done.  We offer late model tractors, equipped with the latest technology on the road today.  Elogs, disc brakes, large comfortable sleepers, APU’s, tire inflation systems, and lightweight trailers are a few.

We must have a relentless focus on maintaining a safe and reliable trucking company.  We are proud of our satisfactory rating with the FHSA that we have maintained since day one.  Our safety department continuously monitors our CSA scores in an effort to ensure we maintain great ratings.

If you are someone who wants to be associated with this type of atmosphere, we encourage you to contact us about our services or fill out an online application for employment.  We are always looking to grow with the right people.