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What sets Collins Trucking apart from other OTR companies?

Collins Trucking is a family-owned organization that truly cares about its employees. We believe in an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. If you are willing to work hard, deliver on-time, and remain safe, you will be a successful driver at Collins. With our mix of freight, we have multiple opportunities to make sure you stay busy year-round and attain your monetary goals every year. We have local, regional, and OTR freight in every area of our operation that ensures you the optimal balance between consistent paychecks and quality home time. We realize our most important assets are our drivers, and with our focus on home time for everyone, we clearly set ourselves apart from the competition. You will not just become another “number” at Collins Trucking; you will become part of our team and our family.

Do I need to have previous experience to hire on as a Collins Trucking driver?

We do require at least 2 years of verifiable experience driving a tractor-trailer. If you are applying for a position in our flatbed division, we do require experience in tarping loads.

Does Collins Trucking hire Owner Operators?

Yes, Collins does accept and employ Owner-operators.

Does Collins Trucking hire teams?

The majority of our freight delivers in a day and the length of haul is not advantageous for teams. This can change based on customer needs but we have no opportunities for teams at this time.

I applied at Collins Trucking. How do I find out about my application’s status?

After you submit an application to Collins, either online or by fax, you will need to call the recruiting department at 678-774-7420 and make sure the application was received. The standard time for processing is usually less than 1 day.

Where will I attend Collins Trucking orientation?

All new drivers will attend orientation in Jackson, Ga.

How long is Collins Trucking orientation?

Orientation is normally 1 day.

What will I need to bring to orientation?
  • 10 years of employment history with good phone numbers and dates.
  • If you were self employed within the last 10 years please bring verification. (W2’s or Tax Forms)
  • If you have had a time of unemployment within the last 10 years please bring verification. This includes letters from friends and family (not including immediate family) or unemployment check stubs
  • Drivers license and SS card or ( birth certificate if SS card not available)
  • Copy of your DD214, if you were in the service within the last 10 years
  • Beneficiaries names, addresses, and SS#’s
  • Voided check or a deposit slip along with your banks address and phone number. (For Direct Deposit)
What will the dress attire be?

Dress is casual but no shorts, tennis shoes, sandals or cowboy boots. You will also need work boots with non-slip soles. Don’t forget extra clothes for your stay.

Is orientation paid?


What can I expect during orientation?
  • Orientation will start promptly at 8:00 am. Do NOT be late.
  • You will have a DOT drug screen.
  • All of your payroll and insurance paperwork will be taken care of at this time.
  • You will watch instructional videos and there will be some short teaching sessions.
What type of physical work is required to be a Collins Trucking flatbed driver?

Like most OTR jobs, the majority of your time will be spent behind the wheel, but being a flatbed driver does tend to be more physically involved than other types of trucking. You will be required to pull yourself up on the trailer and loads. You will be required to secure straps and chains as well as tarping. There are distinct advantages to being a flatbed driver, and the most obvious is that you get a chance every day to work outside and get a little physical activity to break up the long hours of driving.

Will I have to take a Collins Trucking drug screen?

Yes. Just about every trucking company in the business will require this whether you’ve just recently had one or not. In addition, sleep is your best friend. Get a good night’s rest on Sunday and stay away from a large breakfast, sweets, and caffeine.

What type of truck will I get?

Collins Trucking has a wide variety of equipment; we run Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Mack.

Is the truck assigned to me or do I have to slip-seat?

All trucks are assigned.

Does Collins Trucking have a van division?

Yes, our van division was launched in 2013 and is growing exponentially.

Does Collins Trucking use electronic logging?

Yes, we are 100% electronic logs.

Are there any additional endorsements/requirements I need to obtain to drive for Collins Trucking?

We do not require any endorsements although possessing a TWIC card is beneficial for our flatbed division.

Does Collins Trucking offer per diem?


Does Collins Trucking have a lease-purchase program?

No, we do not offer a lease-purchase program.

Can I bring the truck & trailer home on weekends?

Our drivers take their equipment home under the condition that they have a safe and secure location to park the truck and trailer.

How much tarping will I have to do and do I get paid for it?

If the load requires it to be tarped then we must do what is required to make sure the product is delivered to the customer without a claim. We do not pay for tarping.

How much money can I make?
  • Most drivers at Collins Trucking average $1200-$1500 per week.
  • Pay for flatbeds is 30%, and logging or core movements pay at 32%.
  • Pay for vans is $.51CPM.
How often will I be paid and by what method?

Payroll runs weekly and it can be direct-deposited into your account or you can have a check mailed to you.

I stopped driving several years ago but still have a current Class A CDL. Will Collins Trucking hire me?

You must have driven at least 2 out of the last 3 years.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact our recruiting department at 678-774-7420 or email HR at [email protected]